Message for Students

Dear Students,

You all are welcome to our Diploma Polytechnic College “Minerva Polytechnic”, Murshidabad, recognized by A.I.C.T.E, Govt. of India and affiliated by W.B.S.C.T.E, Govt. of West Bengal, Local Administration, our Management Members, Faculty Members, other College Staffs and so many our well wishers for the betterment and empowerment of our students, to confidently embark on a professional career as an engineer.

Being the students of our college, you will realize here every movement a chance to un­screen a bright new dawn in your life. Your learning, practice, patience and spirit of desire along with our teaching system will help you to process the key of success and to pursuit the excellence in your career. If you take this chance as a challenge in your life, you must reach the goal and you should not have to turn back. Each and every person by birth carries some talent which can be flourished only through your spirit and our devotional education system, directives, encouragement. Your attempts and our guidance will establish all of your talents to reach you as a successful engineer.

So, Students! You go ahead and never turn back and discover the wonder of our joyful educational programme and advanced counselling system to establish your talents.


Vision and Mission:

We are determined to provide highest standard of excellence in teaching. Here faculty members are dedicated to add values to the courses so that our students can find new dimension in learning which leads them to employment and becoming a good servant to the nation.